A Course In Miracles: Workbook For Students


A companion to the immensely popular "A Course In Miracles" book, this app is designed to work in conjunction with the workbook.

All 365 workbook lessons are included, in full text presented in a beautiful reader designed specifically for this course, and with the official Foundation-produced audio of the affirmations included for each lesson. You can follow your studies with a handy pocket audio reminder that you can reference several times per day.

But there is much more -- for each lesson, you can add your own text notes, and even record your own personalized affirmation. By personalizing the course in this way, as you progress through the lessons, you will create a living record of your journey. Also, to help you appreciate the breadth and scope of the course, we have included a beautiful rendition of the Earth, with points marked on the planet showing all of the people who are working on the course through this app. We have color-coded the points so that you can see who is working on the same lesson that you are, and who is online right now. (These color-coded points are anonymous but geographically specific.) There are also handy links to the A Course In Miracles website, information about the Foundation for Inner Peace, and a link to our own website. Enhance your study, and add another dimension to the work that you are doing in A Course In Miracles.

Getting Started

Starting Out: Setting your starting lesson number.

This app will automatically default to Lesson #1, but you may change the lesson number to the current lesson you are working with. To set a starting lesson number, tap the "Workbook Lesson" box on the bottom of the screen, and then tap the lesson number on the bottom of the page to bring up the Lesson page. Now tap the Current Lesson Number field, and enter your starting lesson number. Our app will remember this lesson and start here the next time that you open the app.

Changing Lessons

To change lessons, you can tap the left and arrows on the bottom of the screen, or you can swipe across the screen, starting at either edge to turn the page.

Navigation: Front Cover Operations

From the book cover, tap the Workbook Lessons box to go to the lessons, or tap the book title to go to the course information screen. Tap the gold seal to go to the Foundation information page, or tap the Highest Unfolding link to go to that web page. To go to the ACIM Community page, tap the World icon.


To select a specific lesson, or to record your own affirmation or note, tap the Lesson number on the bottom of the page. This will open the Lesson page for that lesson, where you can record you own affirmation, or enter a note for that lesson. You can also jump to any lesson by tapping the Current Lesson Number field, and entering any lesson number from 1 to 365.

When you tap the speaker, the audio affirmation for the lesson will be loaded from our server and then will play. Once downloaded, the audio is stored on your iPhone or Touch, so that it will play more quickly the next time. You must be connected to the internet with a WIFI or cellular connection to download the audio. You can pre-load the audio for any lesson by just playing it once, so if you know that you will want the audio for a lesson and you will be out of range of the internet, just pre-load any lessons that you may want to have.

If you record your own affirmation, it will play in place of the downloaded audio. If you would like to return to the pre-recorded audio, just delete your recorded affirmation. 

Recording Your Own Affirmation 

To record your own affirmation, from the Lesson page, tap the record button and wait for the "Recording" indication. Then speak as long as like, and tap the Stop button when you are done. Tap the Play button to listen to your recording. You can re-do the recording until you get it just right.

A recording is stored with the lesson, so you can record a different affirmation with every lesson, if you like. If you wish to return to the original audio, simply delete the recording. Adding a Note to a Lesson To add a note to a lesson, tap the empty note field. A keyboard will appear, and you can type as long a note as you like. Tap the Done button when you are finished typing. A note is stored with the lesson, so you can store a different note with every lesson, if you would like to.

Want More?

Please tell us what you would like to see, we are open to suggestions and want to make apps that our customers love and are satisfied with. Just send us an email, we will get back to you within 24 hours - usually sooner.